Rehearsal Music

Rehearsal Music for Our Concerts

Several free sites are available to aid learning, including Choralia and John Fletcher Music which allow you to listen to your individual voice parts in addition to the complete ensemble.

Instructions for use are provided within the sites. In the case of John Fletcher music, certain downloads require a paid subscription, but this is explained as you go along.

Please see links below.


Note - once you have found the music you want, the Choralia page displays lots of adverts and confusing information about downloading. You can ignore this if you just want to play the file rather than saving it. You just need to click on the 'play' arrow top left of the central control console oblong.

John Fletcher Music

There is also a huge amount of music available on YouTube if want to listen to complete performances of the works we are doing. Everything is free if you are happy to put up with the adverts which pop up at the start!

It is also possible to find karaoke tracks for solo songs.


If you require any help with using these sites, please contact a member of the committee and we will arrange for someone to assist you.