1995 – to date                              St.Margaret’s Church, Uxbridge

                                                    The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Hayes

                                                    St.Paul’s Church, Woodhouse Eaves, Leics (occasionally)

                                                    St.James Church, Piccadilly (once)

                                                    St.Bernadette's Church, Hillingdon (once)


1981 - 1995                                St.Margaret’s Church, Uxbridge

                                                    St.Andrews Church, Uxbridge

                                                    Beck Theatre

                                                    United Reformed Church, Ickenham

                                                    All Saints Church, Hillingdon

                                                    Church of the Five Precious Wounds, Stonebridege Park

                                                    Bishopshalt School, Hillingdon

                                                    St.Gabriel’s Church, Acton (once)

                                                    Winston Churchill Hall, Ruislip (once)

                                                    Eton School Hall (once)

                                                    Emmanuel Church, Northwood (once)


1977 - 1981                                 Alfred Beck Centre, Hayes


1972 - 1977                                 St.Andrews Church, Uxbridge

                                                    All Saints Church, Hillingdon

                                                    Bishopshalt School, Hillingdon


1940 - 1971                                 Methodist Central Hall, Uxbridge