St Anselms

St.Anselm's Church, Hayes, Middlesex


St.Anselm's Church has the postcode UB3 4DF. It is in Hayes town shopping centre at the precinct end of St. Anselm's Road.

 Please note - the precinct is blocked to through traffic, at the point where Station Road meets the Botwell Lane/Coldharbour Lane roundabout. Crown Close is buses only except for access to the Crown Close car park (from the north only). If (in order to drop someone off) you have arrived at the church from the south, and then wish to park in one of the car parks to the north, turn back into Blyth Rd, right into Trevor Rd, across the mini roundabout into Printing House Lane and then right into Botwell Lane.

For sources of maps online, please see the Appendix at the end of this document.


There are plenty of pay and display car parks within easy walking distance of St Anselm’s, with cost reductions for Hillingdon First card owners (all except the Station car park).

Please see the following instructions and recommendations.

Saturday Afternoon Rehearsal

 Non-metered on-street parking is hard to find and may be a long walk to St.Anselm's. On-street metered car parking has a 2 hour maximum.

 Pay-and-Display car parks easily accessible from the North are at:
  • Pump Lane: open air, park all day for £2 with a Hillingdon First Card.
  •  Crown Close : open air, cars enter and leave via ramp on the right, pedestrians go down in the lift into Wilkinson’s or via the stairs to Pump Lane just beside Wilkinson’s.
  • Central Avenue: open air (note - this does not refer to the new leisure centre car park, but is opposite it on Central Avenue)
Pay-and-Display car parks easily accessible from the South are at:
  •  Blyth Road: covered (note – not open after 6.00 pm)
  • Hayes Station: open air, allows all-day parking for £1:90 but is not free of charge in the evening. However you can leave and return provided you always display your ticket.

 Saturday Evening Concert

After 6:00, free on-street parking is available in the pedestrian precinct (accessible only from Hayes Station end), in Coldharbour Lane, in East Avenue and elsewhere. Spaces are usually hard to find in the evening.
  • Pump Lane Car Park - free after 6:00. Recommended first choice
  • Central Avenue Car Park - free after 6:00. Recommended second choice.
  • Crown Close Car Park - free after 6:00. No pedestrian access through Wilkinson’s after shop closing time. Pedestrians must then reach it via the alternative stairs or walk up the car entry ramp which has no footway. Not recommended after dark
  • Hayes Station Car Park - £1.90 for all-day including the evening. Recommended
N.B. To reach the Station car park from Coldharbour Lane: at the precinct (closed to through traffic) continue round the right hand bend into Botwell Lane, at the mini roundabout take the 1st exit onto Botwell Lane, turn 1st left into Printing House Lane, just after the traffic lights turn left into Clayton Road, at the T junction turn right into Station Road, cross the railway bridge, take 1st left into Nestlés Avenue and finally 1st left into Viveash Close.

Approaching from the North the easiest route to the station car park is via the A312 (Parkway): turn right on to the A437 (North Hyde Road) at the traffic light controlled roundabout (see map), 2nd right into Harold Avenue, at the T junction left into Nestlés Avenue and 1st right into Viveash Close. On foot exit to Station Road up the stairs.

 Disabled Car Parking

 There are on-street disabled parking spaces just beside St.Anselm's Church. From Coldharbour Lane, go along Botwell Lane and just past the Catholic Church turn left into Nield Road, then left along St.Anselms Road as far as you can go.


Hayes is served by buses U4 U5 E6 90 H98 140 195 350 696 698

Hayes Station is on the First Great Western Paddington to Reading line.

Appendix – Online Maps

For a street map of Hayes showing Car Parks, visit the following, using UB3 4DF.  This shows all the named car parks but prices and opening hours may not be up-to-date.
Alternatives are  Street Map and   Google Maps . These show all of the named streets but not all of the car parks.

For car navigation instructions to Hayes Town Centre use the
AA Route Planner   or the RAC Route Planner .

 For the 'To' destination use the road name of your chosen car park namely:
  • Pump Lane,
  • Hayes Central Avenue,
  •  Hayes Crown Close,
  • Hayes Blyth Road,
  • Hayes Viveash Close,
  • Hayes (for Hayes Station Car Park).
 N.B. in this case do not use UB3 4DF which may direct you to the wrong end of the Hayes Town Shopping Centre.